Some text is doubled in PDF exports

• Mar 19, 2015 - 15:24
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S4 - Minor

A similar bug appears as #25463 for the Tin Whistle Tab plugin, but I found it in MuseScore itself. When exporting to PDF, some text elements are rendered as double overlapping objects, slightly shifted horizontally. Please take a look at the attached PDF, zooming at maximum on the framed System Text elements.

I am using MuseScore 2.0RC on Windows 7 Professional; the text uses the Segoe UI Semibold font.

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Hmm, I'm not seeing it viewing your PDF using Notable PDF on Ubuntu. What PDF viewer are you using?

I do see it in the PDF attached to that other issue, but I also can't prove there weren't two elements there in the first place.

Yes, you have to zoom a lot. I see duplicated characters viewing with Adobe Reader and SumatraPDF. As you can check in the source mscz file the text elements are not duplicated.

Is it only this font you see the issue with? I had an issue with MuseJazz looking bold on Windows that I never really figured out, but discovered I could work around by setting its properties to say is is "Book" rather than "Medium", and chalked it up to Qt on Windows having issues with fonts set to Medium. I wonder if this is similar?

I'm running into the same problem, using Windows 10 and MuseScore 2.0.3, with various non-standard fonts.

I originally observed it with FreightText/FreightDisp Pro Bold, but tried to find free fonts where this would reproduce. I found Delicious ( and Source Code Pro (

It might to be related to fonts with dedicated variants for different weights (e.g. Semibold, Medium, Heavy, ...), because that's one thing that all these fonts have in common.

When the PDF is generated using a PDF printer instead of the built-in PDF export, the issue does not occur.

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I ran into this issue too and did a some investigating.

  • The problem occurs only when using certain fonts. A free font that triggers the issue is EB Garamond, available at It also occurs when using high quality paid fonts such as Adobe Garamond Pro.
  • The problem occurs when using Musescore 2.1 on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.04.
  • The problem only occurs when text is bolded. It doesn't matter is this is set using Text Styles or by bolding the text manually.
  • The source of the mscx file does not show any duplicated elements that would explain this behaviour and the text is displayed correctly in musescore itself.
  • When opening the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC I can see there are two overlapping text objects for every bit of problematic text (Under print production > Preflight > Essentials > List page object). I can also select and delete one of the duplicated objects and delete it, fixing the issue.
  • I tried to work around the problem by printing the file using Ubuntu's default PDF printer but the issue persisted.

Attached is a minimal working example showcasing this issue.
It contains the mscx file, its PDF export and a screenshot of the problematic text when zoomed in at 1600%.

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Reported version 2.1

This is pretty unlikely to be a bug in MuseScore, more likely in either the affected fonts (in the way these define bold) or in Qt (which is doing the PDF handling)