Alt+Up/Down select jumps between staves to find next lowest note

• Mar 27, 2010 - 21:59
S4 - Minor

1. Create a new score with a piano part
2. Insert a quarter note chord consisting of middle C and the G above it on the treble clef, and then insert a quarter note E above middle C in the bass clef
3. Select the G in the treble clef and press Alt+Down

Expected behavior:
The C in the treble clef should now be selected

Actual behavior:
The E in the bass clef is selected. Pressing Alt+Down again jumps to the treble clef again.

r2908 on GNU/Linux


Use Shift+Up/Down to select. This is consistent with most other software. Alt+Up/Down is for switching to a different staff (during note entry for example).

Status (old) by design active

I'm sorry for not being clear enough. In previous versions of Musescore, when you select a *notehead* in a *chord*, you could always go up and down in notes of the chord with Alt+Up/Down. This was helpful in note edit mode, for instance, where you could type C Shift-E Shift-G to make a C chord, then Down Alt-Down Down to make it diminished.

This functionality is still in Musescore beta, but it doesn't work properly. It will look at all of the staves, and find the next highest note in *any* staff instead of just within the current chord when Alt+Up is pushed.