jump to measure funtion

• Mar 26, 2010 - 00:47

I would love to see a function that allows you to assign a jump back to any particular measure in playback. For instance, a lot of rondo-type forms have multiple segnos. It would be nice to have a playback option for a song with the following form: A B C B D B E B or something like that. That would be very handy for lead sheets too.


yes. indeed, it would be a handy facility. You mentioned a rondo-type function as an example. Assuming that the 'B' section is always a precise repeat of its earlier appearance, I'd use the following shortcut: Copy 'B' and paste it after 'C', write 'D' then copy 'B' after it etc... This method ensures the correct repeats as well as allows to make (slight or major) changes to the 'B' section if necessary.

However, the above process could be emulated in a handy plugin using 'starting and ending labels' (as you write, 'multiple segnos').....

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