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• Mar 13, 2015 - 22:56

Perhaps I should describe what I'm trying to accomplish. I would like a custom text style that would be launched with a kb shortcut or a double click within the palette. I couldn't figure how to do it that way so I improvised. If I created the new Text Style, created a Staff text then changed it with Inspector to the new Text style, I though it may work. I almost had it. When changed with the Inspector, the cursor moved to the desired location but unfortunately would not accept any text commands.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks


I don't think it's possible to make custom styles that automatic. The reason is, custom styles are only part of the particular score you are working on, but keybaord shortcuts and palettes need to work no matter what score is open.

So changing with the Inspector after creating a "normal" element is the way to go. Once you've created one, you can copy and paste it elsewhere in the same score no problem. Not sure what you mean about the cursor moving or where you were expecting to be able to type text commands. I would recommend not being in the middle of editing a text element when changing its style, fwiw.

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I'm just trying to create editable test on the left of the page opposite the Title without it moving when the score is transposed. I Thought a custom text style might be possible. I guess not. For the time being I guess I'll use "Part Name" and do a work around.

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I'm afraid I having trouble understanding what you mean. Custom text styles are quite possible and easy; just use the "New" button in the text style dialog to create one, and the dropdown in the Inspector to assign it to a text element. But I think you might be misunderstanding what they are for. A custom text style has no relevance if you are creating just a single text. The whole point of a custom text style is so you can easily assign the same text properties to multiple text items. If you just have a single text item you want to change the properties of, you don't need a custom text style - you simply need to change its properties. You do that with right click / Text Properties. So add a regualr text item to the top frame, then edit its text properties to have whatever font size, position, and alignment you like.

I also don't understand what you mean about text moving when the score is transposed - that should never be happening. Perhaps it would help to post the score you are having trouble with and a precise description of what you are trying to do to it.

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Thanks Shoichi. Creating a score with those fields works for me. "Text and Save" is linked to a measure or a note. This won't work for me. The image has to stay stationary for me. When a transposition is done, the measure moves as the number of flats and sharps are added.

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Ah, then I assume you were trying to create *staff* text and attaching it to the first note. It still isn't 100% clear what the purpose of this without an example, but if you instead create a text frame (or use the title frame), and add *frame* text (or indeed, text with any style), it will not move with the key signature.

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The attachment is what I'm trying to do. But what I'd like to have is a template with Text Frames in the location of the written text in the upper left corner. This will let me enter what ever I want in those areas. Is this possible? A template will load with a Title frame. I would think any other frame would load also. Maybe not.

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I think the answer is currently that frames are *not* loaded when you create a score from a tempalte. Instead, a new title frame is created from scratch. As I mention in the issue report I created, we could consider trying to copy information about the title frame in the template to the new score. Right now, we create a title box if the template had one, and we fill it with the title, subtitle, composer, and lyricist, but that's it. We don't copy any other attributers or contents. It probably would not be hard to add that.

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I need a custom text style for placing the stack of intervals next to chords in a staff.
I see how to initially creat a 'New' style, but how do you Delete this style ?

None of the usual actions have any effect for delete, even if I've never employed the style in a score...

Is there a magic disk file somewhere I can edit these styles from ?


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There is indeed no Delete button. You can take comfort that this style is local to that one score, and it doesn't cause any problems to have it around even if you don't use it. But if it bothers you enough, try File / Save As, choose MSCX format, then open the resulting file in a text editor and look for the offending "TextStyle" tags.

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Thx for the reply. btw Super great book !

I want to believe that it's as simple as editing the resulting .mscx file, but as I suspected it really isn't a plain ascii file format. I use the 'vi' editor from the command line to open my freshly saved score, no luck search for the keys you mention. Even a scroll through the mixed (ascii & binary) content came up empty.

I like the approach however, please inform if I should use some other editor. I hate crud hanging around in files so want to delete if possible.

Also envision a few of these custom styles, and like to fix typos that creep in when naming them (incorrectly).

Also(2), hmm feature perhaps, but my styles would be used across all my scores, soooo are you implying I'd have to redefine these custom styles for each new score ?

Thanks again, man I am stoked I'll never open Sebelius or Finale again !

In reply to by mjasanjose is an example of my goal for a custom text:
To be able to show the interval names of a chord, either to the right or left of existing chord tones in any staff.

Enclosing a screen shot with desired outcome on right for cm6 chord. So far only able to achieve version on the left chord.

I believe I need the ability to word wrap (or letter wrap in this case) so each interval number is on separate line. Essentially a vertical listing of the intervals.

please ignore the error of showing interval 7 rather than 5 ;)

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and really sorry for the post count..

Bad eyes. So yes I now see the uncompressed file export type you implied to in your reply (e.g. 'x' extension).

Cool, opened, edited,saved. Then opened the 'x' file I just changed and yes the style is gone, saved that file back to the standard 'z' compressed format and life goes on.

However my need for vertically listing the intervals within a single custom text object is still very desired.
Any cool thoughts on achieving this ?

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For that I'd probably use fingering elements attached to each individual note. But if you wanted the single box around them, then I guess I'd still use fingering but redefine it to use a box, and enter all numbers into the same fingering element.

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Thanks for the positive comments on the book!

Styles are local to a score, but can be reused. Depending on the context, you could either save your score to your Templates folder and it will be available to use as a starting point every time you create a new score (right alongside the predefined templates), or you could use Style / Save Style then load the resulting file into a new score. You can even specify a style file to be used by default, via Edit / Preferences / Score.

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