Loop feature accidentally activated

• Mar 5, 2015 - 21:55

Is it too late to change the loop feature so that it is deactivated when a user clicks on a note?

The reason for my question is that I just got an e-mail from someone I am helping to use MuseScore for composition. The e-mail basically said "Help! Playing my song is broken. Whenever I try to start playing, it starts at a funny blue flag. What have I done? How can I fix it?"

It is very easy to accidentally activate the loop feature. All you have to do is to intend to be entering text but not actually be in a text entry mode. If you type an "I", "L", or "O", you will have activated the feature even though you know nothing about it. If the feature were deactivated when a user clicked on a note it should have minimal impact on the users of the feature. However, users who know nothing about the feature would not have to resort to a guru or help forum to figure out how to recover from their error.


Having it deactivate when you click on a note may not be desired behaviour.

Better behaviour would be to require a 2 key operation to activate it eg CTRL+L or ALT+L or even CTRL+ALT+L

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I second the idea of not giving it a default shortcut. The rationale behind this is that the core use case of the MuseScore notation software is to notate music and allowing secondary use cases (practising, play along) to confuse the user is not a good thing.

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Dual use software like this it's better to have a radio button or something like the 'Concert Pitch' button to toggle back and forth between notation software and practicing.

That toggle button should be the only place you can switch between the modes. What the UI and what features are actually available are reconfigured for the mode you have toggled into.

Realizing a lot of the features will be needed for both though.

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Note that while the *default* shortcuts are remove,d you can customzie shortcuts to add them back; Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

I am perfectly happy to see these gone, as it was too easy to hit them by mistake. Replacing them with ones less likely to be hit accidentally wouldn't bother me, but opeople who use this feature a lot probably would want the shortcuts to be easy, so they'd probably want to customize them anyhow.

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