Grace note entry

• Mar 14, 2010 - 18:45
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Hi all.
I have found grace note entry to be a pain for writing long (more than one note) ornaments.
I think the best approach is the one that finale uses. Entering a grace note is the same as ordinary notes but having selected the grace note function.
What do you think?


Finale has a button that looks as a slashed 1/8 grace-note, that works the same way the rest button works on museScore: once clicked it stays highlighted and you can choose the note duration just as you would normally and keep entering grace notes until you deselect it. The only thing that I don´t like about it is that you have to click it twice to get a non slashed grace note and that is not very intuitive.
The basic idea is that the user should not change the mode (keyboard or midi keyboard+keyboard to mouse) for as long as possible: And the software should be auto-referent, that way once you learn something, you don´t have to learn another method for doing something that looks similar.

It would be worth considering - and discussing on the technology preview forum or develoeprs mailing list - whether a different mechanism might make sense for that purpose. Eg, not regular notes that have duration, not grace notes using the current implementation where they all are children of some parent note, but a new mechanism altogether.