timbral suggestion (play "sul ponticello", "sul tasto", and "sord.")

• Mar 13, 2010 - 00:01
S5 - Suggestion

Hi may I suggest a feature that non of the music notation software I know has?
The ability to play "sul ponticello", "sul tasto", and "sord." without on strings specific vsts or sf2s can be easily made with filters (yes I know it is not the same, but is something) Since the software already has rev. and chorus I think a lop bp and Hip can be also there some time on the future. And with it maybe this feature also¿?
Thanks a lot
Go MuseScore!


It looks like "lop" and "hip" are the abbreviations that PureData uses for "low pass" and "high pass". What is "bp"?

Are you able to define what filters would make it sound like "sul ponticello", "sul tasto", and "sord."?

Yes. Sorry I assumed they where known abbreviations.
Well the best simplest way to do it is with a lo pass filter for "sul tasto" and hi pass for "sul ponticello". with "sordina" Is kind of a low range band pass and lower volume. Of course it would be more acurate ways to do it.
Here is a reference on this page this page where it shows the timbre difference.