"Note input" versus "Note entry"

• Mar 1, 2015 - 19:26

We've been inconsistent about our use of these phrases. The icon in the the toolbar is labeled "Note input mode", but the status bar reads "Note entry mode", as do the descriptions of the keyboard shortcuts. There are probably other places we need to check also, but that's what I know of offhand.

I propose we settle on "Note input mode" for one simple reason: I really dislike having to say "Press N to enter note entry mode", which of course comes up over and over in documentation. Saying "enter" and "entry" in the same sentence just rubs me the wrong way. And given we need to make some changes for consistency anyhow, why not make the choice that makes documentation easier?

I gather there are more occurences of the phrase "note entry" in Transifex, but I also wonder if this same issue even iexists in other languages? Maybe the translation is the same either way?

Any other issues we should be considering here before making a change one way or the other?


I should say I don't really have strong feelings either way. I do like "Note entry" better in many respects - sounds less computer-y.

I've looked at the source, it's not very many changes either way. There are more uses of "note entry" primarily just because of the shortcut descriptions.

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I wouldn't say I changed my mind; more that I see advantges either way. While there are indeed more changes to make it "Note Input", it's not *that* many. As I guess you found :-)

Thanks for doing this. I had started to, but when I saw the sheer number of capitalization changes, I became unsure.

Still would love to hear from someone else about "entry" versus "input" - are we doing the right thing settling on "input"?

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