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This looks like a really cool program so far (especially now that Notepad isn't free). I have been playing around with the MusicXML export and would like to see some additional functionality with it in the future. I haven't spent a lot of time with it yet, but did notice that it doesn't export page formatting or the title the same way that Finale does (it has the and tags but not things like or ). When importing into other programs just the tag doesn't appear to be enough to actually display the title. There are lots of examples at:

such as:

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Hi Fox,

Using exchange formats like musicXML means that some formatting is being lost. So a perfect match will never be possible. Mainly because each program uses it's own proper typesetting rules.

Anyhow, in case see some mismatch or something missing in the musicXML file, the best solution would be to manually adjust the musicXML file up to the point where you want it. Finally present the before and after code.

I believe the title issue might be posted already:…
If so, perhaps you could confirm on that post or on this comment.

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This is not the same thing as the work-title/movement-title thing (this is available in MuseScore through Edit:MetaData). Other programs consider the movement-title tag to be just meta-data also and not the actual displayed title text. It appears that something similar to the following information is required after the identification tag for the text to appear (with all of the '>' removed):

page-margins type="both"

credit page="1"
credit-words default-x="600" default-y="1495" font-size="20.2" font-weight="bold" justify="center" valign="top"Title/credit-words
credit page="1"
credit-words default-x="1148" default-y="1413" font-weight="bold" justify="center" valign="top"Composer/credit-words

And something like this is required in the first measure tag to keep the music from overlapping the text:

print page-number="1"


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Let's report one issue at the time on the developers mailing list and try to isolate the problem and even propose the solution. The samples on the recordare website are indeed good ones to test with. There are still some clear issues.

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