nitty gritty requests...

• Nov 16, 2008 - 22:00

Sorry guys, the software is now my favorite piece of the computer and I use it all the time, but I have a few nitty-gritty startup things I want to do with it.

First, is the splash screen going to be on the final release? Because I feel it is a basic and doesn't go well with my computer's theme... I mean I'm not saying it's bad or what, but I turned it off and now whenever I load MuseScore it makes it feel like it's loads a while after I clicked it open. Can it be improved to look more professional looking [if that's not too much to ask]

And in the options you can choose to start with the last session, a blank score, or a specific score. Instead of a blank score [or in addition to] can I have it set so when I open MuseScore, nothing opens up, and I can go to File New\Open myself?

Also this is random but I zoom into my score and the brackets are broken and the symbols look all pixelish. Is there nothing that can be done about that or is it just the way the program works?

Yeah, I'm a greedy person =[


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