Assign one instrument to two staffs

• Feb 21, 2015 - 22:56

I am having a problem with MuseScore importing PhotoScore XML. The PhotoScore XML for an SATB plus Piano score specifies 6 score-parts. One each for S, A, T, & B and two for the Piano (one for the Treble staff and one for the Bass staff). MuseScore creates a score with 6 staffs -- one for each score-part. How do I get MuseScore to treat the two piano staffs as a single instrument?


Here's a way:
1. Open the 6 stave score in MuseScore. (Shows SATB + those 2 additional staves for piano)
2. Press the letter 'I', or menu item: Create / Instruments
3. In the 'Create Instruments' dialog, add 'Piano', which is found under 'Keyboards'. This will give you a blank piano (grand) staff.
4. Copy/Paste those 2 additional staves (seen in step 1) into the newly created piano part.
5. Go back to 'Create Instruments' (per step 2), only this time remove those 2 additional staves which were copied into the piano (grand) staff.


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