Append/insert file into another?

• Feb 18, 2015 - 18:29

(Origo thread: Schoenberg's Theory)

Is there a way to append a file to another one in MuseScore 2 or earlier? I do not mean bundling as in 2:s Album function, nor copying notation from a file B into a file A’s existing measures, but appending/inserting formatted measures from one file to another. The idea is to copy notation, with frequent change of time/key signature but no change of instrument/scoring, from B into A without having to pre-redo said changes.

Well aware of problems involved, I think there should not be such an official function, not even one that pre-checks source/target compatibility and works only on confirmed matches – but maybe something like Some useful MuseScore hacking?



Since there is no answer. I will try something.

I don't understand how what you ask is different from what the join scores in the Album Manager is doing. In short, it takes the first file of the album, put a section break, and append the measure of the second file, put a section break and so on. Note that it works only if the scores have the same number of staves and parts.

To come back to the Schoenberg's Theory example, if you had one file per example. You could create a MSCZ file per chapter with all examples with this chapter by creating an album and using the join feature.

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Oh, and I thought from glancing through 2.0 release comments that album meant a .zip-like bundle of files still separate. I have misunderstood with no time to actually check this feature, because of a measure-corrupting problem I would gladly have dissolved in this manner. Thank you!

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