[MusicXML import] issues with Neuraton PhotoScore produced XML

• Feb 17, 2015 - 22:58
S2 - Critical

A MusicXML file produced by Neuraton PhotoScore causes Beta 2 a925ae0 to produce an unreadable .mscz file. This same file is quietly not opened by the Nightly build ec8913a. MuseScore 1.3 has no problem producing a valid .mscz file from the xml.

In both MuseScore 2.0 cases, I needed to first reply yes to "load anyway?" in a "Invalid XML file" dialog box. This dialog box is triggered by PhotoScore's producing a null pair. (It would be nice to just disable the rejection of a null encoding-date since it prevents being informed about any potentially troublesome errors.)

The file that produces the problems is attached. The score has 18 measures and 4 parts. (The last two parts have nothing but rests. I tried editing the last two parts out but that did not cure the problems.)

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As of today, I cannot reproduce the crash, so it does seem PR 1753 has fixed it.

The XML schema validation error is caused by the empty encoding-date element. I understand error handling could be improved by showing all or all critical errors instead the current behavior, which seems to be to just show the first error. Annoying but not critical IMHO.

The unreadable .mscz issue is caused by poet element in the MusicXML file, which contains a (correctly escaped) & character. This becomes a literal (unescaped) & in the lyricist field of the title frame and also in the "poet" score information field. In the resulting .mscz file, the & is correctly escaped in the poet metatag, but the lyricist field in the vbox incorrectly contains an unescaped) &. This I consider critical indeed.

The warning "[filename] is not a valid MusicXML file Do you want to try to load this file anyway" is still there in Mac Nightly 2c62663 (for any file I create with PhotoScore).

Hi Ron,
That's because the file is not a valid MusicXML file according to the MusicXML standard. You could report it to the PhotoScore publisher. The encoding-date in the file is empty and that's not valid MusicXML. It should contains a date in a specific format to pass the validation.


I reported the fault to Neuratron, publishers of MuseScore. They replied: "This might have been fixed in version 8 (which has just been released)."

I will post an update when I have upgraded to PhotoScore 8 and tested the XML output.