Not Shutting Down Correctly

• Feb 28, 2010 - 23:40

Hi, Long time since I've had to use this forum.
Have Ubunbtu 9.04, Jaunty. No problems for long time with Mscore 0.9.5
However, just did a fresh install of my system, re downloaded musescore 0.9.5, and the following happens.
Works fine first time only.
Then have to force quit, then when restart Mscore it looks OK but lots of stuff doesn't work - sound, quit, and I don't know what else.
When shutting down the whole computer I get the attached. Restarting still doesn't make Musescore work.
The only thing I can think of that is different between old install and new install is that I removed one of the audio programs (possibly pulse audio? - can't remember - standard one that comes with Ubuntu 9.04) to try to get Skype to work. But I still have ALSA.
Any thoughts? What is REAL?

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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas,
It took me a few seconds to figure out your reply. My first thought was, "What's this person on?"
OK, so my problem is also one of life's esoteric issues. Please go to a cave on top of a mountain and ponder.
But that doesn't help me 'cause Musescore isn't working and it should be just like it has for years now and I don't know why!!
All the best.

Could you share a screenshot of your MuseScore I/O preferences page (Edit > Preferences > I/O)?

Does MuseScore work when Skype is closed?

What version of Skype are you using?

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I removed and purged Skype as having problems with it.
I have also removed Musescore and will download again tonight, probably latest build rather than stable.
Is there a way to download without the Soundfont for now, it takes way too long each time, even though I haven't deleted the current Soundfont - it still downloads it.
As soon as I get it back again I'll post the I/O preferences page here.

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OK, no idea why but did a new fresh install of my entire system (3rd this week), put Musecore in software sources through PPA (which is exactly the same as I always do - I never did download the latest build) and now everything (so far) appears to be working correctly. Maybe corrupted in previous downloads??? I hate problems like these that sort of fix themselves for no apparent reason.

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