Text in Text-Frames not being seen in parts

• Feb 14, 2015 - 10:35
S4 - Minor

When you create a frame with text in a full score, the frames are shown in the parts but the text is not.

a. Create a file with multiple staves.
b. Create a frame and add text
c. Create Parts.
d. The frames are seen in the parts but the text is not.

Also, the text justify is inconsistant between the two frame types. The movement title in both cases is in a vertical frame and the text is set as subtitle. In the opening section the text justification in relates to the frame, in the second it relates to the text itself.

Frames in parts issue.mscz


This seems to be true only for Text Frames. Regular Vertical Frames seem to work fine for me. Both in terms of the text appearing in parts, and in terms of the text alginment. That is, if you use a Vertical Frame rather than a Text Frame for your movement titles, then the text does appear in parts, and the alignment works the way you are expecting. So the workaround for now is to use a Vertical Frame instead of a Text Frame.

Also, text frames *do* work with parts if the frame is added *after* parts are generated. I'm guessing this much is simple a missing case in a swtich statement in except.cpp; will investigate. Not sure what the intended semantics really are regarding alignment.

Title Text in Frames not being seen in parts Text in Text-Frames not being seen in parts

A vertical frame is the RightThing (tm) for a movement title anyway...

This is not to say that the text frame issue should not get fixed though ;-)

I ahve to confess I don't totally "get" text frames. They are to me like more limited versions of vertical frames. I'd appreciate any insight into what unique / valuable purpose they serve. I guess they save one step in adding plain "Frame" text - just double click, rather than right click / Add / Text. Is that basically it?

Easy: Text Frames grow automagically to fit their content, a vertical frame has a fixed (but changeable) size.
I've detected that pretty useful feature just the other week ;-)