Subject No. 3 for solo viola

• Feb 13, 2015 - 21:34

Simple piece easily assembled with MuseScore 2.0 beta. Won't print right so I had to save to PDF to get a printing, and the Maestro Times font was substituted to something horrible, but I understand that has been fixed in a nightly.


Requires a little virtuosity for the violist, and you're welcome to download and practice with it. If you wish to perform this piece in a public venue, please seek my permission first.

The MIDI re-creation is not perfect as it requires some performance nuances that can't be replicated in MIDI, but it gives you an idea.


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Subject No. 3 for Viola.mscz 27.26 KB


Nice piece. The score looks good.
I bet those chords are hard to play (I could never play more than 2 notes at the same time on my violin) :)

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