Muse Score Software

• Nov 10, 2008 - 21:12

I am currently using Notepad Finale 9.0. Comparing this to Muse score, the latter appears to have more function, i.e., gracenotes, multiple key signatures and alternate base and G cleft in one score. Howerver, I find muse score less user friendly or my lack of experience. Is there a full-featured v ersion of Muse score that works for Windows XP? How can I obtain it? Thanks?


Download the current version and just experiment... you will be able to do so much.... I am using Win XP with the 0.9.3 vs. It is a blast !!!!!!

For notes on how to download and install MuseScore on Windows XP see the installation page in the handbook on this website.

Note entry works a little differently from Finale you have to be in "note entry mode" to enter notes. It is more akin to Sibelius in this regard. See note entry for details.

For more instructions see the [[nodetitle:handbook]] .

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