Musescore 2.0 Latest version Bb Clarinet sound

• Feb 8, 2015 - 00:23

I wanted to let you know that the Bb clarinet sound in Musescore 2.0, which I know is not completed, has an odd and unwanted clarinet sound. I think that if you removed the soundfont from the 2.0 and import the 1.3 soundfont for the clarinet, I think that it would sound natural and like a clarinet.



Are you referring to the small "clip" at the end of some of the clarinet notes? I hear it, for exmaple, on the written "D", concert "C", an octave above middle "C". Aside from that, it sounds infinitely better to me than the 1.3 version.

There will, as far as I know, be an update to the soundfont before release, as there are a few other known glitches due to a bug in one of the libraries. Not sure what the current status of this is or if this clarinet issue is one of the known issues.

Could you be more specific about the shortcomings of the clarinet sound Etienne?

Personally I think the clarinet sound in Fluid is awful - the problem is actually at sample level.

Perhaps, if you are a clarinettist you would be prepared to submit some better samples?

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FWIW, I've never listened to the raw samples - just to the playback through MuseScore. To my ears, it's fine from the bottom of the range up to the written E (concert Eb) above middle C. Then it takes on a strange "gritty" quality - as if there is audio distortion in the same - up through concert Ab. It's then kind of hit and miss from there on up - some notes sound OK, some distorted.

Perhaps S. Christian Collins would be open to our borrowing samples from GeneralUser GS? I'd hate to have to revert to the version in TimGM6mb - that one was especially hideous I always thought. Sounds more like an FM-syntheses imitation of a harmonica. Maybe it's just too much chorus or something.

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I think we can probably use the mf set, suitably normalised.

There is a degree of amplitude envelope control in the Soundfont spec, so we can probably iron out attack incisistencies as well.

I am currently at work on producing a normalised mf set for the entire clarinet range.

Once I've done I will turn it into a standalone soundfont for comparison and testing.

I will give upload details in the Soundfont forum where it is more suited.

Indeed I do play the Clarinet. There should no gritty sound on any tone produced as that's pretty unusual for a Clarinet to produce. I have been thinking about getting my friends microphone and recording through audacity for a sample. The altissimo Super C to Super G will sound out of tune no matter what because it's pretty hard to get it so. An ensemble composer usually wants a nice, open woody tone and not a reedy, plastic Clarinet sound. I hope that y'all can get something that will reflect us as Clarinet players in a better fashion.

--Etienne Thiria

I'm that "friend."
I will probably be able to record some samples of the clarinet, perhaps even more instruments too.
Also, I will probably record a concert bass drum sound. And tenor drums, marching snares, marching cymbals, and marching basses. What the heck, I'll do a piano too if I find the time. Would you guys actually be able to put what I recorded into Musescore 2.0? If so, that will be great. I need to find time...............

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That would be great Bryce.

It might not make it into MuseScore 2 as the conversion to soundfont format is very time-consuming.

The specification I require for the samples is.......

1. Recorded in Mono at 44.1kHz 16bit
2. Samples should be around 1 second in length with no vibrato and no intake of breath.
3. Recorded in as dry an acoustic as possible - it is possible to use duvets, cushions, pillows and other soft furnishings to create a microphone booth to create and environment which will not colour the sound
4. Percussion sounds should be allowed to die away naturally.

Regarding drumline/marching percussion we already have Mike Schorsch's sample set which you can find here:

Alternative sample sets would, however, be very welcome.

The clarinet sound is very harsh and piercing. I personally liked the old clarinet sound better. With perfect fifths and octaves, the sound is nearly unbearable.

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