Multi-voice rests not centred to notehead

• Feb 7, 2015 - 02:52
S5 - Suggestion

1. Open attached score (produced in 1.3).

Expected result: Rest centres to noteheads of other voices.
Multi-voice rests not centred to notehead - Expected result.png

Actual result:
Multi-voice rests not centred to notehead - Actual result.png

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build b9e10df - Mac 10.7.5.


MuseScore does not center rests; it left-aligns them. As you may recall, note-centering is a special thing we do, not really standard or endorsed by Gould but done by some editions nevertheless, and we all seemed to agree we liked the look. But rest-centering has never been considered or indeed even proposed that I am aware of. It could be at some point, I suppose.

You may be wondering why the rest isn't left aligned to the whole note. That's because the whole note itself has been shifted over to center with any quarter notes that might exist in other voices / staves. So while the rest isn't left aligned with this whole note, it would be with any quarter notes in the same segment. Since the quarter and whole notes themselves are not left aligned, it is obviously impossible for rests to simultaneously left-align with both note types.