Measure spacing

• Nov 8, 2008 - 12:17

How can I reduce the measure size? I have entered repetitive 16ths in the base clef and the bar stretched to fill the whole line. I have tried to adjust measure spacing in edit style and that managed to shrink 1 of my 7 measures. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


To reduce the measure spacing throughout the piece choose StyleEdit Style and click on the "measure" section. You can edit the "spacing" (1.0 is the tightest). If it still isn't as skinny as you want you can edit the "min note distance".

To reduce the measure spacing on just a selection of measures you can use LayoutAdd less stretch. Note: If you "add less stretch" too many times it starts to do some funny things. If you encounter any anomalies you can "add more stretch" to reverse the procedure.

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