breath symbols

• Feb 4, 2015 - 17:23

I have a proposal here:
apparently, a breath Symbol is placed by default a few sp after the note.
To achieve a better layout, I'd place it a few sp before the next sign (measure line or note), so that all breaths of all involved instruments are by default at the same horizontal position, not depending on whether they're playing a full note or sixteen sixteenths.


It's actually a little more complicated than that. If there is just one staff, and just one voice on that staff, it already does work as you say - the marking is placed just before the next note. The same is technically true if there are multiple instruments involved - the breath is placed just before the "next" note - except it's the next note anywhere in the score, not the next note for the staff / voice in question.

The good news is, when you generates parts, things should look good. But they will be misaligned in the score.

I'll see if this is easily fixable.

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True, it could have been implemented that way and it might have said us some headaches, but I think most people would naturally try to place a breath by selecting

Meanwhile, I completed my fix - turned out to be a bit more involved than I initially hoped - and it was merged this week. So things should now be working better in the latest nightly builds: Thanks for bringing this up. There were a bunch of other fixes made for breaths lately; it would have been a shame for this to remain as it was.

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