Drumset shortcut keys initially input note selected in palette

• Feb 1, 2015 - 23:49
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The keyboard shortcut keys A B C D E F are not behaving as they are supposed to.

If a note has been previously selected in the new note selection window added in musescore 2.0, the first note that will be applied to the staff is whatever note is highlighted in that window and not the shortcut key note as would be expected.

I am including a series of pictures which detail exactly what I am talking about.

By default when I press the B key I should get a bass drum note on the staff, but if I have previously selected a cowbell for example, the first time I press the B key a cowbell note will be applied to the staff instead. All subsequent presses of the B key will create bass drums as expected.

It appears to be a problem related to having the shortcut keys trigger the program to go into note entry mode. Once in note entry mode the keyboard shortcut keys work as expected, but if a shortcut key is pressed and that causes musescore to go into note entry mode the first note will be whatever was last selected in the notation window and not the shortcut key that was pressed as would be expected.

GIT commit: a925ae0

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Is it still the case?