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• Jan 29, 2015 - 00:39

I play a lot of jazz music, which has a number of ties(1/16 to 1/4 notes, 1/16 to quarter notes etc.). I write them into the score, but when I play back the ties are written but not recognized. One more thing. Is there a program within Musescore2 that would allow me to scan music on my copier then transfer that music to Musescore2.


If you select the first note (eg 1/16) and press the + key does or use the button in the toolbar note input not work... perhaps it would be better to attach a score here

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My guess is you are entering slurs (from the Lines palette, or pressing "S") rather than ties (using the toolbar icon, or pressing "+").

As for music scanning software, realize that music is *much* more complex than text, and there is also much less research into this area. So the state of the art is nowhere near as advanced. But there do exist programs that can try and do a decent job with sufficiently simple music if it's extremely clearly written in the first place (ie, probably nothing handwritten). Audiveris is one such program that is free / open source, and it is used by the online translation service on

I've have that problem on tied 8th notes in dulcimer playback, and found that if the rest of the arrangement can survive it I can halve the preceding measure (2:4 if the song is in 4:4) and halve the following. It looks like crap on the score, but plays great when you need that MIDI track! I may have forgotten to reconcile some lyrics, but they've been replaced anyway.

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