repeats not displaying in parts if barlines span staves when parts are generated

• Jan 23, 2015 - 17:24
S2 - Critical

I am using 2.0 Beta 2 and when I use a page break where a repeat mark is used it does not wrap the repeat sign to the next line.
It only seems to happen with the leading repeat sign not the ending repeat sign.

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I cannot reproduce this in a score created from scratch; it may be something specific to your particular score. Please post the score you are having problems with and steps to reproduce the issue.

Also, the "Assigned" field is for the person who will fix a bug. So unless you're volunteering, I've unassigned you.

in the score it pushes the repeat sign @ measure 5 to the next page, however, on the individual parts it won't push the sign to the next line.

I have enclosed the score that I made from scratch and parts using the all parts button.

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I can reproduce the problem with your score, and can reproduce what may be a related problem in a score I create from scratch, but I'm not sure it's really the same. Your was created from scratch with Beta 2? Not from a template that was itself created with an older build? Can you remember if you generated the parts before or after you added the repeat signs? Before or after you extended the barlines through all staves? Do you remember if you inserted measures after generating parts? Were you toggling multimeasure rests on and off in the parts at some point?

i recreated the template in 2.0 Beta 2 to insure most up to date changes in template. I don't generate the parts until after I fill the entire score and I am ready to space them, save them and make pdf files.
All of the lines extended through the score and the repeats and other musical markings are done before I even create the parts.

I did not insert any measures after generating the parts.

did not toggle between multimeasures after the parts were started.

I usually do all of my scores completely and save them before I do any of the part issues. Usually a couple of days between.

OK, thanks. It seems likely that I have reproduced the same problem, then.

Here is how I was able to recreate a similar problem:

1) new score for two instruments
2) double a barline in top staff and drag down to extend through both staves
3) generate parts
4) visit both parts and press M to disable multimeasure rests (not necessary, but it verifies the problem is not related to them)
5) in score, add a start repeat barline around measure 14
6) visit first part
7) insert measures somewhere before the start repeat one at a time, or add notes or stretch to cause the measures to get wider, until the start repeat just moves to the start of the second system
8) visit second part

Result: the start repeat barline does not appear

If you add a line break somewhere in the first system so the measure containing the start repeat does not start a system any more, the barline reappears. As you make further changes, it disappears any time it would need to appear at the start of a system, then reappears as soon as it is *not* at the start of a system. At this point, my score is in the same state as yours, it seems.

As far as I can tell, this only happens if the barlines were extended through the systems at the moment when parts were created. It does not happen if barlines were not extended through staves when the parts were created, even if you extend them later. And resetting the barlines to not extend does not fix the problem once it shows up.

In the problem part - the second part - if the barlines were extended in the score when the part was created, then the barline in the part all show up in the Inspector as having "Custom" span rather than "Staff default" as they normally would. if I try to reset to "Staff default" in the Inspector, it crashes. Apparently the "span" of the barlines is set to 0 which is invalid. Will continue investigating to see if I can fix this myself.

Title repeats not displaying after page break used repeats not displaying in parts if barlines span staves when parts are generated

Changed title to reflect the cause as I see it, and raised priority to critical since I can get it to crash.

Workaround for now would be to delete the parts, reset your barliens to note extend, regenerate parts, then extend barlines if you like.

Note my patch as it stands prevents the problem at the time of generating the parts, but it doesn't fix parts already generated by previous builds. I'm looking into that now.

Updated patch to do some fixup for existing scores. Not perfect in that it only fixes up the global staff info, not the bogus info that has already been generated for each individual barline (so for instance, you might see barlines not extended through piano staves in parts), but it's an improvement anyhow. And in any case, generating parts anew should work fine once the fix goes through.