I can't find (create?) Break every x measures.

• Jan 20, 2015 - 02:44

I can't find (create?) Break every x measures. Please point me in the right direction.


FWIW I can never find this either. I always start by looking in 'layout', then poke around here and there, look in the handbook (no joy) and eventually search the forum and find this thread. D'oh! It never occurs to me to look under 'edit'. Is there any argument for splitting up some of the edit tools, or putting a duplicate 'tools' link under layout? (Changing stretch seems pretty similar to inserting line breaks.)

More generally, I find style, layout, and some of the edit entries to be rather arbitrarily divided, as are some of the style, preferences, layout, and inspector capabilities. Has any thought been given to refactoring these interface elements for greater simplicity/consistency? I realize this is a can of worms.

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Was there any thought of giving tabbed navigation to the various style/settings pages? I often wind up on, say, the text styles page when I realize I need to view general styles. It always seems wasteful to close/menu/open; a navigation tab would seem logical. Sorry if this is all in the discussion but as long as you're feeling helpful... :)

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Everyone appreciates your desire to help, but I would not bother with issues you find from before 1/1/2019 because that's a week after version 3.0 was released and the answers may be different today than they were before that. Your time could be better spent answering more current questions that people are actively looking for answers to.

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