a better way to enter notes

• Jan 19, 2015 - 04:49

I'd like to pursue a couple of better ways to enter notes, using the mouse and almost nothing else. I have programming experience. I have downloaded the MuseScore source and the development tools. What I need is someone to occasionally point me in the right direction in the source code. I'm happy to explain my ideas in some detail to anyone who might be interested. This is not really a Feature Request since I intend to create the feature, not request it. Once it's working I'll submit it and you MuseScore folks can take it from there (or not). Is any MuseScore developer interested in talking with me? I'll understand if no one has time right now with 2.0 in the wings.

- tmclint


Realistically, you are right that this isn't a good time for side projects. But it's a great time to jump in and get to know the chord and get plenty of help in doing so - by fixing bugs to help us get ready for the 2.0 release. Then you'll be in a better position to start working on whatever interests you afterwards.

Hi there,

maybe your ideas are similar to the ones I have figured out in the feature request: "Entering new notes", and "Entering new notes somewhere in the middle of a measure" and finally in "An overlay for the recent measure to increase usability"?
I'm no programmer but I really would love to see some improvements for entering notes with the mouse. So go on! If you like, I can make the beta tester. Best regards. ;-)

Just to emphasize what other said, MuseScore development is happening in the open, here on the forum, on IRC (#musescore on freenode.net), or on the developer mailing list. Any discussion out of this channel will be lost except for the parties involved which is a pity. So, if you want to talk with any MuseScore developer, it's better to use these public channels.

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