Statistics, a plugin to get score stats: ALPHA version 0.1

• Feb 10, 2010 - 16:40


Statistics is a small plugin to collect some stats about the current score. The idea comes from this post .

It can collect data about:
* number of parts, of pages and of bars (if available, see below)
* number of occurrences and total duration of each pitch (C, C#, D,...)
* number of occurrences of note lengths
* number of occurrences of rest lengths (not available under 0.9.5)
and a few other things.

It can also save the data to a .CSV file for easy import in a spreadsheet.

The plugin has been tested with MuseScore 0.9.5 under Windows XP. It is known NOT to work with the current pre-release 0.9.6; it may work with the CVS version (I did not test it yet).

Known limitations:
Under MuseScore ver. 0.9.5, Statistics has the following limitations:

1) The number of parts, of pages and of bars are not available to plugins.
2) Rests are not available to plugins; the number of rests is approximate (anything which is not a note is assumed to be a rest!) and the distribution of lengths is not available for rests.
3) Tied notes are not reported as such by MuseScore: each note is reported to the plugin as an independent note and accounted as such.

To do:
All the durations are listed in MuseScore internal values: 1920 = 1 whole note or semibrevis.
Given the great diversity of possible duration values (including dotted notes, tied notes and tuplets) and the difficulty to express them in simple text (without using a special font), no attempt has been made to render them in a more 'musical' way.

Any suggestion, correction, comment is welcome!


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