end-of-measure chord that ties to next measure, input using MIDI keyboard, only one pitch generated

• Jan 15, 2015 - 16:57
S5 - Suggestion

Running the latest nightly build (as well as the latest stable version of Musescore 2.0) on Windows 7, I open the default score (4/4 time sig). I select input notes, a dotted half note, and USING MY MIDI KEYBOARD, play a chord of at least two notes several times in a row. The first chord is entered fine, but the next chord must be tied over to the next measure (because I'm entering dotted half notes). It is THAT chord that is not entered properly: only the bottom pitch of the chord gets input at the end of the measure and tied over to the next measure. The remaining pitches of the chord are not there at the end of the measure, but all show up at the beginning of the next measure!

Just now I tried entering a dotted half note chord using the mouse at the end of a measure. Musescore does not let me enter a chord there, only the last pitch I select (tied to a note of the same pitch in the next measure). So this bug is worse than I realized.

Hopefully you can reproduce this bug; if not, please tell me how to generate a video or some other method of recording this problem.


Status (old) active duplicate

Entering tied chords directly isn't supported; so this is more of a feature request than a bug per se. It would be a useful feature, I agree. But for now, the supported way to add a tied chord is to add both chords separately, then leave note entry mode and go back to tie them.

See #12070: Tie Chords bug - does not create new notes for chord ties. I'm closing this as a duplicate of that feature request. I would note that it would be somewhat easier to implement this for MIDI than mosue of keyboard entry, as there would be no question as to whether the user *intended* to tie the whole chord or just the current selected note.