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• Jan 14, 2015 - 16:40

Hello everybody,

to increase the greatness of the program, I'd like to ask whether it's possible to set the Default ending positions of the cresc. and decresc./lines NOT to Beat one of the next measure, but on the last used beat of the current measure. It gets boring to correct that manually every time.
It would be great, too, if both beginning and end were anchored to notes. (At the Moment, I'm revising the lengths of all these lines in the automatically created parts, were the distances of the notes differ from the score...)


Maybe you still using 1.3? Try, if you like, the 2.0 beta 2.
Click on a note, press Ctrl and click on the note of arrival. Double-click the crescendo into the palette (see attachment)

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Selecting two notes with "Ctrl" does apparently work for this purpose, but I would normally describe it saying you should select a *range* (perhaps using "Shift"), not just two disjoint notes. But once you made your selection, if you double click the hairpin icon, it should add the haipin just over the selected notes. It works fine for me. Also the keyboard shortcut. Dragging does not honor the selection, that much is true.

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Hmm, perhaps you are not understanding what is being talked about, or I am not, but it should be exactly as simple as I just described - select a range, double click hairpin or press keybaord shortcut, and bingo, the hairpin appears under those notes.

Using your file, here I have clicked a note:


Here I have shift-clicked a second note to create a range selection


And here I have double-clicked the crescendo icon in the palette, creating a perfectly anchored hairpin:


Are you *seeing* something different, *doing* something different, or *expecting* something different?

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I have only Beta 1 here, I try this week end with beta 2
but it was exactly what I did ... I tried with two note with crtl and a range with shift , and double click to the harpin didn't inserted it .... (I was expecting that works, news on this week end with beta 2 or a nightly build)

I assume you are talking about MuseScore version 1.3 or earlier? I think you'll find things very much improved in 2.0.

But even in 1.3, the beginning and points *are* anchored to notes, if you adjsut things correctly. I guess you are probably dragging the end points. Don't do that - use SHift+Left/Right instead. See Lines in the Handbook.

Okay, so in Version 1.3 the starting Point of a line (such as cresc., decresc and bows) was anchored to the beginning note, the end was anchored to the succeeding note. (which is useless, if a bow should reach over three measures full of sixteenths).
In Version 2.0 (beta), the ending Point of a line is variabily anchorable (are these neologisms?). In my case, that's invaluable!
Thank you!

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Yes, 2.0 is definitely an improvement in countless ways. But I think you might be confused. The end anchor point is variable in 1.3 as well - you simply use Shift+Left/Right arrow to change it, just as in 2.0 (although 2.0 also provides limited support for dragging as a method of changing the anchor. Also, in both 2.0 and 1.3, if you select the range of notes you want a slur or hairpin to attach to before pressing the shortcut key, it automatically anchors to the selected notes. So you can add a slur over three measures in either version. By simply selecting the whole range then pressing "S".

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