[Linux] New score creation wizard doesn't work if installation is incomplete

• Jan 11, 2015 - 15:29

Problem :
The template selection screen in the score creation is empty.

How to reproduce :

  • Open the score creation wizard ("ctrl+n" or File->New…)
  • Fill random information about the score (tilte, author,…) or leave the fields empty
  • Click "Next"

System config :
Os : ArchLinux 64bits (up-to-date) with gnome 3.14
Qt version : 5.4.0-1
MuseScore version 2, on after last commit on master branch as of January 7, 2015 (83622b0a847bd3e734ef369eb5d098dbee5c8622 )

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Self built? If so, did you run "make install"?
See also http://musescore.org/en/node/43406.
If not self build: it is a known issue that the Linux nightly builds are incomplete and containing only the executable but none of the supporting files, which the templates are a part of.
However, even without any templates it should be possible to create a new score.

The default path to templates is

~ /Documents/MuseScoreDevelopment/Templates/

In my case,


The directory exists (it must have been created automatically) but is empty.

Adding file to that directory, either from version 1.3 or saving documents in this location, does not solve the problem so it appears to be more then missing files.

Hope the fix is easy ;)

About #1 above: just for the sake of completeness, do not forget to add "sudo":
    sudo make install

(I know I keep forgetting it...)

Status (old) needs info active

To reproduce under Windows: remove (or rename) the win32install/templates/ (for self-built) or the corresponding directory in a nightly build or even the Beta), start MuseScore and try to create a new score.
The file ...templates/01-General/Blank.mscz is the required, without no new score can get created.


'make install' would create that file. But indeed creating a new score should work without the need of any template.
However, this IMHO isn't a critical or major issue, I'd even regard it a minor one, does not affect nightly builds for Windows and Mac, nor any self built ones for any platform, if following all documented steps. Only the nightly builds for Linux are really affected, but these are missing a lot more supporting files, leading to other problems (like, not starting at all due to missing Qt libs, no sound due to missing soundfont, etc.)

A possible solution might be to have that Blank.mscz to be built into MuseScore?

Title [Linux] New score creation wizard doesn't work [Linux] New score creation wizard doesn't work if installation is incomplete

To be clear - this is not going to be an issue in any official installation; it's only during development cycles where people are using incomplete installations that there is any possible problem, which you can easily work around.

In official installation, the paths should indeed be right, but it is still a bit odd that no fall-back is provided when no template is found (for example to create an empty score, which was possible before, even if the current policy is to treat the empty score as a template)