Error with TAB writing

• Jan 4, 2015 - 22:15

When writing TAB, I accidentally pressed F2 which moved all the notes up a half step (I believe). However, when I pressed Ctrl+Z to revert, all the notes shifted onto a different string if they were above the fifth fret on a string. Why does this happen?


Confirmed, when undoing the F2 command, notes are not returned to their original strings. Instead, it seems they stay on the same strings that F2 moved them to, where possible anyhow. I will file an official bug report on this.

BTW, in the future, it's usually best to post the score you are having trouble with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the proboem. Also say what version of MsueScore - the specific build from Help / About assuming you are talking about an experimental pre-release build of 2.0, which I assume you are the because the current released version (1.3) does not support tab.

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