First instrument names misplaced in continuous view when barlines are joined

• Jan 2, 2015 - 17:11
S4 - Minor

The first instrument's name in a group of staves joined by barlines is misplaced in continuous view. This can occur multiple times in the score if there are multiple groups of instruments.

To reproduce:

1. Open a blank score.
2. Add at least two instruments
3. Switch to continuous view
4. Double-click a barline and extend it so that multiple instruments are joined.
5. Scroll to the right
6. See that the first instrument of the joined staves has its name misplaced.

Please see attached screenshots and example files.


I basically never use Continuous View because of #50011: Continuous View—part names overlap, but one time when I was creating a new score from a built-in template I thought I'd try it again. And I got this. This is crazy. This issue is guaranteed to come up in almost every situation! Why has it not been fixed? Is it possible that nobody else uses Continuous View either, so nobody noticed it was broken?

There are definitely people using continutous view, but indeed, there have been very few complaints. I guess most people just don't sweat it if some of the instrument names are off in certain cases.

In this case, it appear the top staff only is off; it is centered relative to the system rather than the staff. Probably a result of misinterpreting the barline span info. Should be a pretty simple fix I assume.

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed

This is fixed by default with the change to horizontal layout of staff names in the contunous panel.