MS Beta 2.0: Adding and Editing Title, Subtitle Composer, Lyricist, Copyright

• Dec 30, 2014 - 05:01

When you create a score in Beta 2.0, you are prompted for text such as Title, Subtitle, Composer, Lyricist, and Copyright.

You can edit all of these by double clicking on the text in score view and modifying it in place, except for the copyright. You cannot select that text. You can access the copyright text from the File>Info menu item and change the copyright text on that dialog, and it will change on the score. You can also try to edit Title, Subtitle, etc, from that screen but those won't change on the score.

That seems inconsistent to me. It is not a great big deal, but I wonder if that behavior is as intended.

Also I note you can add new Title, Subtitle, etc, text from the Add>Text menu, and a second text item is placed, probably right over the text that is already there. I think that is the same as 1.3, and again no big deal but I also wonder if that is as intended.

If this has been discussed before ad infinitum, then my apologies. I couldn't find it.


It *is* as intended. Title, subtitle, and composer are ordinary text items attached to the text frames that remain in the place they were created relative to rest of the score; copyright is part of the footer that is generated on the fly so it can always be placed on the bottom of the page even as the contents of the page shift.

Multiple titles are indeed possible and a good thing - consider works of multiple movements, etc.

How can we make the copyright have two lines? I usually put the date on the top line and my website information on the 2nd line, can't seem to get that to work with 2.0 yet.

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