Add 0 shortcut to Rest tooltip

• Dec 27, 2014 - 17:32
Reported version
S4 - Minor

The Rest button in the toolbar misses its shortcut (0) while all the notes have it in.

Screenshot 2014-12-27 18.31.20.png Screenshot 2014-12-27 18.31.27.png


It's kind of different. "0" does not actually have the effect of selecting this icon, whereas for the other note entry icons, it does. So it would be slightly misleading to suggest that "0" is the shortcut for that icon. On the other hand, "0" *is* the shortcut for *entering* a rest, so it's not entirely unreasonable. We'd have to special case this, I guess, so that the action for "pad-rest" displayed the shortcut for "rest" in its tooltip.

It should have the effect of selecting the icon, or do you see a reason why it shoulld not? When entering notes and rest with the mouse, it does get selected, I think?

Rest entry works very differently than note entry where the toolbar and keybaord shortcuts is concerned. 0, as a keyboard shortcut, works more like the letters A-G than the numbers 1-9. That is, it does not change a thing about the toolbvar, it enters something into your score. The rest icon in the toolbar is not meaningful in conjunction with keyboard entry - it is not in fact used at all. It is *only* relevant for mouse entry. Pressing 0 should enter a rest, but it should *not* change the toolbar any more than pressing A-G does. It is important the toolbar remain in the same state after pressing A-G or 0 that it was in before.

I agree with everything Marc said, when it comes to Step-Time mode. However, in Rhythm entry mode, the rest icon in the toolbar is meaningful in conjunction with keyboard entry. In this mode, I believe it would make sense for the "0" key to toggle the Rest button rather than insert a rest in the score, since the desired duration of the rest is often not the same as the last duration entered, and the duration buttons enter a rest when the Rest button is toggled to on.

Anyway, that is probably a separate issue, but I thought it relevant to this discussion.