MuseScore2.0 beta 2: Cannot input Japanese character via IM

• Dec 26, 2014 - 12:09

Windows8.1(64bit), MuseScore2.0 beta 2.
InputMethod: Google Japanese IME and Microsoft Japanese IME.

I try to input Japanese character via IM as Lyric and Title, but could not it.
In MuseScore 1.3, could it.

In MuseScore2.0, is there a person who could do the character input which is via IM?
The report for other language IM are also welcome.


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Thank you, Shoichi,

That copy and paste way is OK, good.
For the time being, I will use that way.
I'll wait for an essential solution patiently.

In the near future,
I maybe also prepared a compilation environment, and will try to solve(fix) this problem.

I have got the same proble. From the version 2.0 beta 2, any Japanese characters can not be entered into the lyrics line. I can only see those Japanese characters that were input to the previous version 1.3 but no entry is allowed in the 2.0 version. The environment I'm using is
Windows 7 Professional 64bit and MS IME 2010. Also I have tried various fonts like UTF-8, Unicodes, MS Gotthis, etc. bul nothing has solved this problem.
Appreciate your help.


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Can someone using a Input Method on windows test the following?

- Create a new score (File -> new)
- in the Title, composer field etc... are you able to use IME ?

Once the score is created, can you use IME if you add a title via Add -> Text -> Title? Or is it limited to Lyrics?

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I tried with Google Japanese Input under Windows 8.1. Commit 4e94836
When using the text box in the New Score Wizard the text is inserted and retained also after I press "finish" (contrary to what Shoichi is seeing; but the program used for input is different).
When I try to input text in the title text, there is no answer. If I continue to repeatedly digit the text I can intermittently see the character selection box.
See screencast of this behavior (look in the bottom right corner; I double clicked the title and then continuously pressed keyboard buttons):
Could it be some sort of window focus problem?

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