Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked (or not) staves.

• Dec 19, 2014 - 15:10
S4 - Minor

This is tricky. Follow strictly these steps:
1. Create a new score with a guitar with two linked staffs -- BOTH standard notation.
2. Press I, remove the second, unnecessary staff from the guitar part (1).
3. Press OK.
4. Press I, add another guitar part, with two linked staffs -- again BOTH standard notation
5. Press OK. So far so good.
6. Press I, and change the second (linked) staff of the second guitar part to a tabulature (6-string common)
8. Press OK. Screenshot.

Win7, abbf2c8

Besides, shouldn't the be connected with a curly brace, just like a piano part? (this IS a question).

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With some combination of adding and removing staffs, I've got even more interesting result, but I couldn't reproduce it.
Sorry for spammning

Title Bar lines to short in tabulature (there are 6 strings but bar lines reach only five) Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked staffs

Confirmed - thanks for the report.

(I don't think I would use a curly brace for this.)

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build 86ec8d9 - Mac 10.7.5.

Title Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked staffs Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked (or not) staves.

A variation probably, faster, and without linked staves

1. Create a score for piano, or open this file: Piano score.mscz

2. "I" -> Select, and Remove the second staff (bass clef)

3. Add a Tab staff, e.g. for electric guitar -> Ok

Result: the barline is incomplete in the tab Staff

Piano Elec.jpg

Former issue. With this specific example, I find it throughout the past months, until May.

Workaround: repeat the operation: "I" -> delete tab staff -> add new tab staff -> result: ok now

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#4: no, it is not related; time signature misplacing originates from time sig re-layout having been 'optimized' (i.e. skipped in many cases) quite a long time ago.

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)

I kind of stumbled on the fix for this while working on #68921: Reordering instruments within barline spans creates "custom" barlines that won't extend properly. Really, there were a whole bunch of related problems with Edit / Instruments if you have barlines spanning multiple staves, because the code to try to update spans was not very thorough. My PR should produce "reasonable" results in almost all cases, with the caveat that of course it is impossible to know what the expected results might actually be in some cases.

There is one very small regression I note in the PR: if you specifically go out of your way to create the effect shown in response #3 - a barline span of more than staff that deliberately ends mid-staff - then this gets lost on Edit / Instruments. It gets turned into the standard thing - the span will go to the bottom of the staff. You'll have to redo the customization.

Here is the PR: