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• Jan 12, 2010 - 05:14

Does anyone know of good free sound fonts? I've been using the SF1 that's linked to on this site, and while certain things sound great on it (choir, woodwinds, guitars) others, such as strings (blech) do not. I really would like to have a nice crisp clear sounding soundfont for strings. Anyone know where I could get one? Also, anyone know of other really good GM soundfonts?



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The strings are still a little lacking IMO, but the quality of the flute alone more than makes up for it! As someone who plays the flute, I was amazed when I heard how lifelike it sounded.

I'm having some trouble with the sounds though. The cello doesn't seem to be in the right key, as well as some of the other strings.

Yes, there's definitely a few problems with the sound font and it working with what's being played. I'm not sure what it is, but certain instruments seem to play perfectly fine, while others won't. I've tried listening to some of my pieces with the new sound font, and while some are sounding better than ever, some sound something like a train wreck. Any idea on what's the problem?

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The strings sound good; however, the groups (as opposed to solo instruments) are not different in their timbres. That is, they are really the same "instrument" but in different pitch ranges. The cellos will sound the same as the violins if the note is high enough.

Sorry, I don't remember where I got it free.

Windows XP.

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