Remove Empty Staves

• Nov 3, 2008 - 22:08

Actually, I do see the "Remove Empty Staves" function in "Edit Style", but I check it off and apply it and nothing happens. I'm assuming that this would hide all of the lines in a system full of rests to save ink and such, like the remove empty staves function in Lilypond. Am I doing something wrong, or is this feature not yet implemented?


The feature is not yet implemented. I don't think there is workaround either. Deleting measures will remove the measures from all lines in the system.

Hi, I just implemented this in r1259. It does not break up parts with multiple staves like Piano, but it will hide the entire part if all staves of Piano are empty, for example. Also, it only works with full-measure rests. So, if you have multiple rests of different length filling a measure, you should select the measure and hit delete and it will be replaced with a full-measure rest, after which "Hide empty staves" should work.

A known problem is that if a staff which starts a bracket is hidden, the entire bracket will be gone. The same applies to a staff with a barline spanning multiple staves. However, the brackets/barlines should be correct in other circumstances.

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