Double / triple clicking to select the staff on one system / for the whole score

• Dec 3, 2014 - 21:48

Hello all,

Here is a suggestion of something very useful that Sibelius does and which could be implemented in MuseScore. When double clicking on a staff, Sibelius selects the whole staff on one system and when triple clicking on it, it selects the staff for the whole score. This is very handy when dealing with large scores, doing transpositions, etc.



Similarly to the OP, I am looking for a way of quickly selecting all the notes on a staff.

Currently I am selecting the first bar, then hitting the 'end' key, then clicking on the last bar.

If there is no way of achieving this more simply then I am reiterating the OPs feature request !

Many thanks,

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Great suggestions, thanks.

The problem with Ctl+A / Cmd+A is that it will select all the staves in my multi stave score.

or right-click a note Select -> All similar elements on same staff - is very useful but doesn't allow me to select everything on the same staff (ie dynamics, slurs, etc).

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