"Open" default

• Dec 2, 2014 - 01:59

One thing I really don't like about MS 2.0: when I click File/Open the search box goes to the [User]/My Documents/Musescore 2/Scores directory, which is not where I keep my scores. So I have to every time the box opens go to my C drive directory and work my way down several levels to the directory where my scores are. In MS 1.3, when I click on File/Open, the resulting search box seems to go to the directory where my last opened score was. Is there any way to change the default for MS 2.0 so that the file search box opens where I want it to? In other word, make it act like MS 1.3?


Just as with 1.3, you can customize the start folder in Edit / Preferences. Actually, 2.0 goes a step beyond 1.3 - you can now specify separate folders for scores, images, plugins, soundfonts, styles, and templates.

And just like 1.3, once you successfully open a file, subsequent "Open" operations in that session default to the same folder as the last opened file.

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