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• Jan 8, 2010 - 14:45

Suddenly I am being asked to log in rather than remaining logged in.

Additionally, I have an openid login but it is suddenly refused.

Any ideas?


There are a few settings changed on the website. I'll try to reproduce your problem but can you tell me what browser you use?

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What version of Firefox are you using? I am on 3.5.7 and have been having the same problem of being not logged in when I come to the forums for a week or more now. It is getting rather frustrating.


It has logged out for me a few times over the past few days. But usually it was after the website had been down for a little bit so I assumed it was related to some changes during maintenance. I'm using Firefox 3.5.7

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This could be the problem exactly.

OpenID is a free service in which you have an account with an OPENID provider, Gmail, OPENID, and yahoo are some providers..

Once you have a OPENID account, when you go to a new site and are prompted for your reference account, you are taken to a page where you authorize your ID provider to supply an "okay" to the requesting site.

This way, you only need the one password which is the one at your Provider. It saves having to have multiple passwords and user names.

I thank MuseScore for providing it as that was what prompted me to understand OPENID.


The domain has indeed been switched from www.musescore.org to musescore.org. It's much more convenient nowadays to remove the www prefix and keeping links shorter. This switch causes domain cookies to expire and thus, one needs to login again. This should be a one time issue. If not, please come back to this issue and describe your problem.

While making these changes, there is also a 'remember me' option in the login form. This gives users more control over what they want to happen with their session once they close the browser.

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Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce this problem, but in order to find what's causing it, I disabled the 'remember me' functionality. Let me know if the problem is gone or not. Thanks a lot for the help!

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It appears that the login data gets set in the cookie called CHOCALTECHIP. This is a session cookie that expires after a short period of time. If I come back to the sight within that time frame, usually an hour or 2, then I am still logged in. Once that session cookie expires I must log back in even if it is the same day.

I am currently running on Windows XP Professional XP3, using Firefox 3.5.7 as my primary browser. Just thoroughly check I will try with IE.

PS An interesting aside. When I login ith Firefos the remember me checkbos is not displayed. When I log in with IE8 it is. Will wait about and hour or so and log in with each browser again and see what happens


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Hi Keith,

Thanks for the feedback.

The CHOCALTECHIP cookie is expiring on very short notice because it is only used for single sign on purposes with the upcoming translate.musescore.org server. This cookie is not used for keeping the user logged in over different sessions.

I think I'm able to reproduce btw, so I'm looking into the problem. Since one week, musescore.org is using a new cache system (boost) which might be the trouble maker. I'll come back to this issue when I have the solution.

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Hi Don,

I concur there is a problem with the openid login. Can you tell me when logging in with openid started to fail? I believe it' caused by the new caching system which is in place since the 8th. However, I upgraded the openid module this morning to a new version which should have a fix for openid. Give it a try in the meantime.

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When I tried to log in via openid, I was directed to a page that stated it had failed, so I logged in via my user name.

I am going to open a new OPENID account later when I get back to the computer and will try to log in via it. I'll let you know.


I need to see my account records - I had a deduction of $44 three days ago from my bank account - PayPal Musescore, ....and I have no idea what it is????

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