Is it possible to play a whole score as legato?

• Dec 28, 2009 - 11:02

I would like to experiment with some scores and I would like to hear the entire score as legato, basically without any pause during play. Like bag pipes do, you know. But I can't add a slur to every single note nor seems a sound font provide that feature.
It is even trickier I suppose since I have also some accent notes in between.
Basically I want to create one tone varying in frequency according to notes set :) Like a bag-pipe :)


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The devil is in the detail. Sorry didt not recognized the x :)

But no value for gateTime or others seems to have any effect on the score (i reloaded it of course)

I mean I can stretch the factor to 1000 and the played notes stay blue for a while but they are not continous, they fade quickly

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