Low Whistle not included in list of instruments

• Nov 18, 2014 - 16:24

Hello - I want to write some basic scores for a low whistle (D). The English Flageolet seems to be the nearest to it. Is it possible to use MuseScore specifically for a low whistle?


Try selecting a "Treble Flute" then right-click, Stave Properties and set Play Transposition to "Major Second" Up. Also set the lower end of the Usable Pitch Range to 60.

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A low whistle is similar to a "tin whistle" but larger, so plays in a lower register. It is usually made of metal but may be wooden or composite. It does not normally have any keys. It is played by blowing through a fipple.

An Irish flute is a transverse flute not a whistle, usually wooden and generally with fingerholes and few keys.

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Thank you for your interest and help. The low whistle is indeed similar to a tin whistle. In common with most low whistles mine is a 'D'. Like its relative it has six holes and a fipple. They have become popular because of their attractive low notes. They are not easy to play as the holes are larger than those of the tin whistle and are spaced further apart. There are some lovely pieces to be heard on YouTube.

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