changing key signature in Staff Properties Palette

• Nov 17, 2014 - 17:37

I have tried in 2.0 and the latest nightly to change key signatures by using the Staff Properties.

I am familiar with how this is done in version 1.3

I change the from Major 2nd to Perfect Unison. When I return to the staff, it shows no change in key sign.

The example I was using is Concert Bb Major trying to change a Bb transposed instrument to a non-transposing instrument.

when I start the the Bb instrument shows key of C, however, after I make the changes and return to the score it still shows key of C and doesn't show Bb until I click on the Concert pitch button.

In version 1.3 when this was done and you returned to the Score it showed the new key signature and also the corrected octave + or - whichever was selected.

There must be something happening in the Staff Properties window.

Paul W Hewitt


enclosed are two files showing what the problem I think seems to be.

The first one shows 2 Bb trombones in key of C (Concert Bb).

The second file shows the same trombones after staff properties window key change up to perfect unison. No change in key signature and the notes are showing flats and sharps as if they are still in original key.

Also in the master palette for instruments, you have listed trombone and Tenor Trombone.

Usually Trombone is non-trasposing instrument using the F clef (Bass).
Tenor Trombone is a transposing instrument which uses the G Clef and is a Major 2nd lower than Concert key.

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