• Dec 26, 2009 - 01:54

Been looking for a way to set the default font and size when starting a new score. Not the "long" way in the edit text styles, I despise Times New and others and prefer to set title in Baskerville Old Face and the lyrics and such as Verdana.

Meaning everytime I start a new score, that is the default..

I was looking for like a config file where the defaults are assigned. Can not find one???



You could save your style settings in a file.

  1. Do your style settings
  2. Go to Style -> Save style
  3. Create a new score
  4. Go to Style -> Load style

Or you might want to create a template with your style.

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This would be such a useful feature. At this time, I don't know of a way to change the default score setup. As I am typing this I tried to set up a file with all the parameters that I want and simply launch MS each time using that. However, if one does that, the previously closed desktop is not restored. So it seem that there's always that series of steps necessary.

Regards, Thanks and Happy New Year to All.

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To create a template, create a score with the instruments you want, go to Style -> Text style and change all the fonts as you want. Save the file in the templates directory of MuseScore
On windows, C:\Program Files\MuseScore\templates.

Then create a new score and on the first screen of the assistant choose "Create from template" and select your new template. All the scores you'll create using this template will use the fonts you choose. Please note that using unusual fonts will not allow you to share your scores in MuseScore format with other users... Especially on

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