Way to disable mouse input while in note entry mode

• Nov 15, 2014 - 21:55
S5 - Suggestion

GIT commit: d8e1c74

Currently, in note entry mode, clicking the mouse always enters a note. But for people who are primarily using the keyboard for note entry, it would be more convenient to let the mouse function more as it does in "normal" mode - to a new input position or to drag the canvas. So I propose an icon on the toolbar or other method of toggling the mouse behavior (it could also disable the "shadow note" that is really just a nuisance for keybaord users).


"(it could also disable the "shadow note" that is really just a nuisance for keybaord users)"

I had almost forgot that.. everytime the "shadow note" appears I feel like I just broke the tip of my pencil ehehe

Can we at least have the right mouse button doing normal selection when in note input mode? I think we don't need both mouse buttons doing the same thing (inputting notes).

Having two buttons doing the same thing isn't meaningful, IMO.

If iam inputing with the mouse and want to listen to a part or copy/paste something, the note cursor just gives me no choice. Have to press 'N' way too many times... at least more often than what should be needed.

You misunderstand. I am saying there is no such thing as a selection while in note input mode - there is no way to select things, period. There is only a cursor. So it's not a question of simply enabling a button to do something thst is alreayd possible - you are talking about an entirely new feature.

My point was to use the right mouse button as an alternative that overrides the note entry mode mouse pointer, enabling the possibility to quickly select a note/measure without leaving note entry mode.

It could be thought of a macro equivalent to pressin 'N' and then using the left mouse button. Right mouse button would do both at once.