How to change staff without the mouse?

• Nov 15, 2014 - 16:38

What's the shortcut to move around vertically (from staff to staff)? Can't find it..

I think the input method is a bit mixed up, maybe someone could tell me if Iam doing anything wrong:

While in normal (non note input) mode, I can click somewhere and press a key to input a note (an A for instance). Automatically I get into note input mode, which means wherever I click next I'll input a note... unless I press "N" everytime I want to input notes somewhere else.

This might me okay for people who input all the notes in one staff at a time... but if you're composing while adding measures "here & there" to all the staves, pressing N (and forgetting to press it) all the time is truly annoying.


Alt+Up/Down will move you up and down. First between notes in the current chord if there are multiple notes on the staff, then to the previous/next staff. There is also a command to go directly to the next staff without first traversing the notes of the current chord, but there is no default shortcut - you'd need to define it yourself in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts (Next staff or voice, Previous staff or voice).

Note this works rather differently between 1.3 and 2.0 Beta/Nightly, but I gather you are using the latter. In 1.3, Alt+Up/Down goes to the next higher/lower pitch regardless of staff, so it can result in some unexpected jumping around if your staves don't happen to be arranged from highest to lowest in all cases.

As for moving between staves by mouse - indeed, you have to leave note entry mode to do it. So the keybaord shortcuts will hopefully help. I suppose an option to disable mouse entry could be nice; I never use itm and am guessing from your description of this as "annoying" rather than as "efficient" that you don't either :-)

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Thanks, Alt+UP/Down does the trick.

Iam questioning the need for note entry mode to be dominated by the mouse.

At the moment Iam doing pretty much everything on keyboard and use mouse only as a locator/selector.

P.S. I was also taking a look at inspector and the mouse wheel behaviour is also tricky... it changes everything underneath the mouse pointer and all you want is to scroll the page (who wants to scroll a dropdown menu by looking just at one line anyway?).

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I think the idea is that many beginners (and people in countries that dn't use letter names for notes) tend to use the mouse for note input a lot more than you or I do. So it has to work well for them. But it should also work well for non-mouse users, and I find it does. When I enter note input mode, I immeidately move the mosue pointer off the canvas to avoid being distracted by it and seldom touch the mouse again, for literally hours.

As for "." in note entry - it doesn't add a dot to the previously entered note; it changes the selected duration that will apply to the next note. So to enter a dotted half note C, its "6 . C", note "6 C ."

Really, you shouldn't need to be going in and out of note entry mode much at all. If you find yourself doing so, most likely it is because of something you arne't doing right - or at least, not doing optimally. So feel free to keep asking questions.

I'm not sure what you mean about mouse wheel in Inspector. It works for exactly as I would want - it changes values in the currently-selected spinbox. If you want to scroll the page, why would you be transferring focus to the Inspector? To scroll the page, use the mouse wheel with focus in the *score*, not in the Inspector.

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Hmm, I see. I have to put the dot before I press the note.

I am not saying that mouse input is a bad thing, I just think that there should be a workflow option that would allow people to keep using the mouse "normally" when entering notes instead of having it placing notes everywhere I click.

Regarding focus of windows and panels, if I want to scroll through the inspector or the mixer, I don't want values to be changing just because Iam scrolling down... I think it should be possible to scroll the inspector/mixer if you have the mouse on top of it BUT only change values underneath if you press a modifier key.

Another thing that I suspect it's a real bug... when using the mixer, one has to click the "score" in order for playback to work (spacebar). Seems like the mixer window grabs all focus which doesn't make much sense to me.

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Yes, as I mentioned, an option to turn off note input by mouse would be nice, so that you can use it in note entry mode to drag the canas or select a new entry position. Feel free to file to issue tracker as a feature request.

Again, regarding scroll wheel, I think our expectations are different. I expect mouse wheel to modify the currently selected value by default if the focus is on a wheel-modifiable field; I find that a more useful behavior than scrolling a window containing such controls. But I recognize different people might have different expectations, which is why I wonder if there are published guidelines, and if they include accessibility concerns.

Browsers are different because by default the focus is not an a wheel-modifiable field - it's on a usually read-only view. A better place to look is dialog boxes that contain spinboxes etc, not in main document windows. I think you'll see that different programs work differently in this respect, which makes me suspect that are not good consistent published guidelines.

The issue where some windows takes focus away from space bar is already reported for the play panel as #35576: Space bar shortcut does not work when play panel window is in foreground. I guess it applies to the mixer as well; that would be worth mentioning there.

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Iam ok with the mouse wheel changing things but not when anything under the mouse gets automatically selected.

Just try opening the mixer and scrolling. The only places where the wheel wont mess up anything are on the far left and right borders. If it changed things that I've clicked or where the mouse stood for a little longer, that would make more sense IMO.

"an option to turn off note input by mouse would be nice" - this would be more than nice :D

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