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• Nov 14, 2014 - 21:27

IMO, the loop function is too complicated for what it does. I think you should use vertical/position markers for other things... as for looping, just select the measures you want to loop and press the loop button.

A vertical position marker (like a timeline marker) could be helpful. The "click the note head to select where you want to begin playback" is painful and when you stop playback, there's no option to playback again from the same spot. I find myself pressing many keys to get back to the invisible position marker (the notehead in this case) while using just one key should be enough.

I just discovered the continuous view thing, VERY HELPFUL but... any plans to make a proper way of navigating through time like in sibelius 7.5 or guitar pro?

Musescore doesn't have timeline markers, does it? It would be very helpful to be able to assign shortcuts to markers... having to press CTRL+F and insert (and remember!) the measure I want to go to isn't very practical.

If any of this is already implemented, let me know!


I don't understand what you are saying about the loop playback. Can you explain again?
As far as I know selection measures and press the loop button does select the measures for loop playback. Do you mean pressing the loop button you start the playback?

"Navigating through time". I don't get it either. Maybe in Display -> Play Panel, there is a time line.

There is no time line markers in minutes or seconds. You can use rehearsal mark (select a note, Ctrl + M, enter a letter) and then use Ctrl+ F with this letter to go back to a section.

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I wanted to say that those vertical loop bars aren't even needed (also they look bad) for a simple loop (just highlight the bars and play it in loop mode).

The timeline in play panel is a "joke". Seriously, how can you get back to the exact time or part (chorus, verse, etc) with a slider?

If at least we could assign markers, things would be easier... for instance, I create a marker called "verse 1" and that's my marker number 1. I would see on the timeline where that marker is, I could click it and the main view would locate that or I could press a shortcut to accomplish that (Shift + 1 for example).

These are just things I consider VERY useful for anyone to navigate the scores and compose.

The playback issue is more annoying. There's no way to change playback behaviour (spacebar). All it does is play and pause... and if you want to start again from the SAME spot, you have to manually locate it :/

You could have options (and shortcuts for):

Play and pause - spacebar (what we have now)

Play and stop - Ctrl + spacebar (plays from the last place you started playback)

There's also another big annoyance regarding playback.... I don't like having to choose a particular note everytime I want to start playback from a place which isn't the beggining. Why isn't there an option that makes playback strat from the selected MEASURE instead of the selected note? Measures have much more surface to click on hehe

Besides this and some minor nitpicks, this software is awesome (v2).

edit: For some reason I didn't read your last sentence. The rehearsal mark thing is ok but... imagine the Navigator as a timeline with those markers and their names, wouldn't it be more intuitive and neat?…

Not everything in there would be needed but I think that's a good example for a notation software. I was thinking of something with maybe just a few things of what shows on the upper half... a bit like a DAW, which is great for navigating.

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Well, the "why" could be a conscious decision to have the workflow as it is now. I looked all over the forum but didn't find anything related to the things I presented.

Iam not that good at coding but I know that at least the smaller "playback requests" I've mentioned must be something that can be done with a few lines of code.

1 - Playing back from the last place where playback started (I'm getting tired of pressing CTRL + left left left ehehe)

2 - Having playback ALSO starting from beat one of a selected measure instead of ONLY starting at a chosen note head

The other ideas surely need more work.

Should I post 1 & 2 somewhere else or is it really a matter of waiting that someone bumps into this?

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2. is already filed: #34581: playback does not start at selected measure.

1. You are suggesting to use Space to stop and start from where you stopped and Ctrl + Space to start from previous starting point? You can file a feature request here I couldn't find something similar.

Yes, it's basically waiting that someone has the same itch and scratch it. Or someone being enthousiastic, empathic, motivated to make it happen.

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