Overall playback timing issue

• Nov 14, 2014 - 03:50

I've noticed this with v2 and the latest nightly build. Happened with any sfz.

The most obvious way to notice the issue:

Fill a bass drum staff with quarter notes for a lot of measures.

Press Play

If you don't notice anything funny, try turning the metronome on.

If you still don't notice it, maybe it's my setup :D


Could you be more specific? I don't hear anything unusual. What should I be listening for? You are using an SFZ file? The one supported is Salamander and it doesn't have a bass drum sound at all. Mostly MuseScore needs to use SF2 files (or our own compressed version, SF3). Perhaps that is part of the problem right there.

Just installed beta and the latest nightly build on a weak eeepc (Atom N550, 1GB, W7 basic) and the timing is tight.

The other system I was using is based on a dual core, 8GB, W8 64 machine.

You mean that all the sfs get loaded and not just the top one? I'll try clearing the other 4 or 5 and see if the problem goes away. I don't have any midi timing issues with other software but maybe musescore doesn't like having more than one soundfont on the list.

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Anything in the list of soundfonts that appears in View / Synthesizer is loaded, at least to some extent - so its sounds can be listed and made available in the Mixer. Things only show up in that list if you ckick Add and add them. Whether there are any smarts to prevent actually taking up RAM with soundfonts that you are not using, I cannot say.

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I have enough RAM but anyways, removed all except Fluid and the problem persists.

Loaded a file with just bass drum quarter notes that I did on the eeepc and on this PC the behaviour is the same. Usually the 4th beat is the one that gets most delayed.

Reverting to "factory" settings, changing between audio drivers... nothing seems to solve this.

edit: exporting audio (.ogg) presents everything with perfect timing.

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I think I've found a solution.

I/O options, changed from ASIO to MME Microsoft Soundmapper - output.

Seems to be working fine now but I'll test this further.

Soundcard is M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI. Going to test also with an usb interface.

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