Modifying the instrument list

• Nov 9, 2014 - 08:43

I would like to remove most of the instruments in the instrument list shown in the Display panel. I believe the list is in
/usr/share/mscore/templates/instruments.xml on my (Linux) system. I have removed all but the ones I want - 4 voices and piano, but this hasn't changed the instruments displayed in the drop-down list. Nor has it changed the list of instruments available when creating a new score.

Also, the contents of the file don't seem to be the same as what's displayed eg Choir Ahhs can be selected but aren't in the xml file.
Any help please?


Display panel? Or do youment the mixer?
Instruments.XML contains the list of instruments you could add to your score, no need to remove entries there, if you don't need a particular instrument, just don't add it to your score., also i think that list is built in, you can setup MuseScore to not use the internal list but use the external XML file.
The popup in the mixer contains the list of GM sounds available in the sound font, so would be the choice how a particular staff would sound on playback
In the XML there is a mapping between an instrument e.g. tenor and the GM sound number, which then maps to in this case Choir Ahhs

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